The Team

Karim Bishay - Principal Consultant

Throughout my career, I have founded and managed companies, as well as been a part of larger teams. Over time, I noticed that my greatest successes and deepest failures always dealt with how well, or not, I worked with the people around me.

As I moved through my career, I realized more and more that this aspect of how people come together to create, produce and commit to purpose is what interested me the most.

Karim Bishay  - Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker

Karim Bishay - Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker

My life’s trajectory has led me to re-imagine how we come together as human beings to work, live, and be.

They say you should do for a living what you would do for free, and I’ve been doing this work for free for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been fascinated by relating to people without masks or pretense. I feel invigorated and alive when we, as humans, connect on a real, soulful level that enables us to inquire about the world and ultimately, innovate, together.

My management, facilitation, and consulting work allow me to take on the purpose of your organization, and make it my personal mission that your organization be empowered to do its work better.  With more efficiency, clarity, trust, and way less politics!

I’m very passionate about disruptive systems, but not just disruption for its own sake, rather, finding ways of making right livelihood and deep, meaningful relationships with one's self and others accessible to all, not just the privilege of a few. With two masters degrees, one in theology and pastoral counseling (Highest Honors - MTS, Holy Cross 2008), and the other in business (High honors - MBA, Boston University 2010), I am also a proud graduate and former leader of Interchange Counseling Institute counseling training program.

My loves: Marielle and Noor

My most recent work was with Dev Bootcamp in multiple capacities; as Head of Admissions, Engineering Empathy curriculum designer/facilitator, and Holacracy Engagement Lead.

I live in the city I love, Oakland CA, with my wife and son... my family means the world to me...

Carla Bagdonas - Coach/Business Development

Carla Profile Pic.png

Carla Bagdonas is an educator and facilitator with a background in psychology and counseling. Having worked in the non-profit, public, and private sectors, she brings a diversified perspective on organizational systems and cultures, and has a knack for helping teams clarify their goals and align their work accordingly.

Carla began her career as a K-12 educator, building a foundation in sound pedagogical principles and practice that has carried into the coaching and teaching work she now does with adults. Additional training in counseling and facilitation allow her to bring a holistic perspective to her work with teams and individuals. 

 Carla most recently worked with Oakland-based ed-tech startup, Learners Guild, in multiple capacities, including Learning Facilitator, Membership Circle Lead, and Change Manager.

A Bay Area native, Carla is passionate about people and this beautiful planet we share.

Why Karim Created Living Orgs

Creating Adaptive Organizations

Over time, I began to realize that many of the methods, tactics and tools I was using in my Holacracy consulting were equally as valuable to companies not using the full Holacracy system.

This lead to me beginning to consult with other companies who were struggling with delegation, project management and accountability within their organizations. Slowly, I started working with other companies who had no interest in Holacracy but just wanted to have a more effective organization.

Every time I finish an engagement with an organization, I feel a sense of satisfaction in my work, because I see the drastic differences it makes in the organization and the lives of everyone involved.

How we discovered Holacracy

While working at Dev Bootcamp we adopted Holacracy. Even though I was one of its greatest doubters at first, I quickly grew to love the potential of this system, and over time, I found deep meaning and fulfillment in helping others do the same.

From this experience, I saw a need for Holacracy coaches that understand the power of the system, while still remembering what it’s like to struggle with it. Someone who appreciates its nuances and what it can offer, but also practical about its limitations.

I saw the need and potential to customize the tools of Holacracy to fit each individual team's needs. This is why I founded Living Orgs and why I love working with clients around the world in bringing them closer to their purpose and to their full potential as a team.