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Become an adaptive organization

Increase efficiency, clarity and trust


Become an adaptive organization

Increase efficiency, clarity and trust

When your organization becomes more effective, it’s like growing your team without hiring anyone new.

Our Adaptive Organization engagements are designed to empower your team with the tools, knowledge and training you need to become a more effective and agile organization. 

Clarify the Organizational Structure

The first step of our engagement is focused on creating a system of accountabilities to clarify responsibility. We define clear roles, accountabilities and purpose for each individual within the organization.

We then create and train your team on a system to change those accountabilities as you need to over time. This creates a dynamic, living organizational structure that can evolve with your organization over time.

Going through this process requires your team to answer a lot of difficult questions about power, authority and responsibility. We facilitate these conversations so you can answer these questions in a safe and productive way.

The end result is an organizational chart different from one you have ever seen before. It is more detailed, authentic, explicit and grounded in reality.

It is a living system that can change from day-to-day or week-to-week. Instead of changing your organization once per year, this structure allows you to change to the reality and needs of your organization from day-to-day.

Implement a disciplined process to get work done

We have designed the ultimate mechanism for a team to work together. We give you the precise processes and tools you need to take the “how” entirely out of your work. This enables you to focus on the “why” and the “what”.

Not a single action item will be dropped, and your entire team will build clearer workflows and deeper trust than ever before. We promise a tangible and unprecedented increase in productivity and clarity for your people and your organization.

We utilize the proven principles of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and apply them to a team dynamic. Your team will learn both the processes and the personal discipline to resolve issues for themselves as individuals and the team.

We also incorporate influences in our approach from other schools of thought such as Holocracy Tactical Processes, Agile Software Development and OKR’s.

You will be set up and trained on effectively using the following systems:

A team communication and collaboration app that reduces reliance on email and enables faster team communication.


A project and task management system that ensures nothing is dropped and everyone is clear about what is expected of them.

A simple tool for managing and maintaining a dynamic organizational structure in a visual way.

Learn to facilitate effective meetings

Imagine being able to cover up to 40-50 agenda items in a single hour. 

To accomplish this, each meeting must be run by a “facilitator” and use a defined tactical structure.

At the start of our engagement, we will teach by example and facilitate these meetings for you. Over time, your team will learn to facilitate meetings and take on this role themselves.

Your organization will no longer suffer from death by meeting. The end result is a team that is empowered with the methods to run effective meetings that get more accomplished and waste less of your team’s time.

Make data driven decisions

Software tools like Betterworks enable us to create and track OKR's throughout your orgnaization so you can make data driven decisions 

Software tools like Betterworks enable us to create and track OKR's throughout your orgnaization so you can make data driven decisions 

When many organizations come to us, they feel as though they are running blind with no metrics or data driving their decisions.

Even though many companies have the data, they often struggle to know how to use it properly. Having data is one thing, using data well is an entirely different issue.

Throughout our engagement, we will build systems in place that enable you to consistently collect and monitor data about your organization's progress toward your goals.

Using data to make decisions helps your team in 4 key ways.

  1. It enables you to make more informed decisions as a leader

  2. The data can focus and inspire your team

  3. It enables you to track progress toward your goals

  4. It enables you to accurately and objectively assess performance for your team

When your organization can see the key data and metrics driving it, everything becomes more clear and aligned.

Become a team of leaders

We take you and your team through leadership training that covers the foundations of Emotional Intelligence.

Through a series of workshops, your team will learn how to give and receive healthy feedback. When conflict arises, you will learn to handle it in a healthy way.

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The benefits of becoming an adaptive organization

The benefits of becoming an adaptive organization


Each team member will be 100% clear about what is expected of them, the work to be done and the purpose of the organization as a whole.


Tasks are not dropped, because there are disciplined processes in place for delegation and communication.


The accountability created through disciplined systems creates a sense of trust, because people know the work will be done.

Data-driven decision making

Decisions within the organization are no longer relying on just intuition, leaders can now evaluate data and make educated choices.

Increased productivity

The disciplined implementation of project management and meeting structures leads to increased productivity and efficiency among the team.

More team and personal time

When your team becomes more effective, the individuals have more personal time, and the team has more time to put toward creative or productive projects.

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Want to learn more?

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