One of these Holacracy roles is the Lead Link.  The Lead Link is given certain powers and authorities in their circle, but in order to sucessfully fill this role, mastering how to usemetrics is key.  When I give a Holacracy introduction to my clients, I always teach them about the power of well designed and executed metrics for their organization, I cannot stress their importance enough.

Metrics will be used in your circle for two purposes

Give an objective measure of the performance of a role.
Unify and galvanize your team around your purpose, and give direct feedback about your team’s performance.

If used well, this will result in:

  • Less power struggles between you and your team, as you can clearly define metrics and measure them if you, as Lead Link, have a strong sense that someone is underperforming.
  • More cohesion of work and focus.  When you have a common scoreboard that you check regularly, it’s much harder to veer off course. 
  • The ability to shift focus for your team without micromanaging people’s work.  Just by changing the circle’s metrics you’re giving a very strong indication of what matters to you.  Is it cash flow? Revenue? Number of new leads?
  • Your team can relax, knowing that their work is measured and they can get a sense of satisfaction from seeing the fruits of their labor.
  • The focus of your team members shifts from the Lead Link as the arbiter of their success to the metrics.  Which is a much more healthy and objective measure.

If you want to know more about Holacracy and how it can not only help build more effective teams, but also help make your organization nimbler and adaptive, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my colleagues at Living Orgs.