Having founded and managed companies as well as having been part of larger teams, my greatest successes and deepest failures always dealt with how well, or not, I worked with the people around me. As I moved through my career I realized more and more that this aspect, how people come together to create, produce, and commit to purpose, is what interested me the most.

While working at Dev Bootcamp we adopted Holacracy. Even though I was one of its greatest doubters at first, I quickly grew to love the potential of this system and over time, I found deep meaning and fulfillment in helping others do the same.

From this experience, I saw a need for Holacracy coaches that understand the power of the system, while still remembering what it’s like to struggle with it. Someone who appreciates its nuances and what it can offer, but also practical about its limitations and able to truly customize its tools to fit each individual team and their needs. This is why I founded Living Orgs and why I love working with clients around the world in bringing them closer to their purpose and to their full potential as a team.