Holacracy® Engagement

We’ve designed a unique engagement strategy, born out of our experience as clients and coaches, that we customize based on your organization’s values and needs. We are the only Holacracy® coaches that provide this methodology. We encourage you to ask us and find out more about why this should better suite your needs and serve your team.


Phase 1: Discovery and Understanding

The first step is running the Culture and Process Audit for you and your team. We then meet with your team to gain a specific understanding of the challenges and opportunities you are facing, as well as the direction you’d like to take your organization in.  We discuss all of the offerings and options available to you, and support you in choosing what route would be best for your organization to take.


Phase 2: Customized Approach and Setup

We will create a proposal for your organization based on the modules we’ve selected together and your organization’s needs/wants. We will set up the launch and workshop phase and decide clearly on dates and timeline for our engagement.


Phase 3: Workshop Facilitation

We facilitate the agreed upon workshops and deliver trainings and content to your team in person and remotely. We facilitate meetings and further trainings as needed and agreed upon.


Phase 4: Support

When your organization is ready, we move out of direct engagement and remain available to support your internally trained engagement leads.  So that you can remain supported with minimal cost.