Holacracy® Implementation Process

We provide our Holacracy implementation for those interested in the Holacracy modules we facilitate. We encourage you to ask us and find out more about how our other services can additionally suite your needs and serve your team when successfully implementing Holacracy.


Phase 1: Initial Structure Setup

We will lead a 2 day retreat with your leadership team where they will discover organizational change and/or the principles of Holacracy for themselves. They will re-organize your organization into roles and circles, experience governance and tactical meetings and have all their questions and concerns answered.


Phase 2: Tactical Launch

Circles and roles will be created with clear accountabilities, trainings, and meetings will be designed and facilitated for the entire organization and each circle will now begin weekly tactical meetings.


Phase 3: Governance Launch

Once you are more informed of the system and if you choose to, your organization takes the final step into distributed governance, where each team, through the Holacracy process of integrated decision making, will shape its own structure according to the needs of its members.


Phase 4: Support

Selected partners will begin training to become Holacracy Engagement Leads.  They will be trained to replace external consulting as much as possible.

After these leads are ready the official implementation contract will be completed and we will provide consistent and accurate support on a per-needed basis.