Emotional Intelligence Training

Conflict is a natural, potentially healthy and productive component of people working together. Learning how to harness the power of healthy conflict to move your team forward, instead of creating toxic relationships and political maneuvering, will change the way your team works and performs.



  • Your team will have the tools and self-awareness necessary to have difficult conversations with one another.
  • A process for continuous and healthy feedback created and maintained within your organization
  • Individuals learn the skill of good feedback and overcoming their personal obstacles to giving and receiving it



  • Deliver a conflict and inner critic seminar to your team, where they learn and ask questions about conflict and their relationship to it
  • We deliver a feedback seminar to your team, where they learn and ask questions about feedback and their relationship to it
  • We help you build the processes and policies that will maintain the inertia from the seminar, and keep feedback flowing in a culture that has healthy conflicts with immediate, impactful resolution



  • Members of your team will learn from their mistakes and successes quicker
  • The team will quickly clear tensions between them and work more cohesive
  • An overall environment of transparency and growth
  • A much clearer method of partner evaluation
  • Healthier disagreements that leads to better decisions within your team
  • Better alignment and allyship within your team
  • Less political maneuvering and time and energy spent on interpersonal dynamics
  • Clearer, more healthy work environment and office culture