A governance process for the distributed, incremental, evolution of the organization

Holacracy® has a unique process for learning and adopting a distributed governance system, where any individual in your organization can propose a structural change to their team. Through a disciplined integrative decision making process, proposals are clarified, responded to, objected, integrated (if needed), and finally implemented.



  • Turn your organization into a living and adaptable system through a change in its core structure.
  • Give decision making ability and therefore a voice to the team as a whole



  • Introduce the governance concepts and processes to your team
  • Facilitate Holacracy® Governance meetings for each team in your organization for 8 weeks
  • Train your team on facilitation skills and prepare them to lead their own team meetings
  • Coach all team members on how to exist and thrive within a distributed governance system.



  • An evolving structure, instead of a static one, that can respond with agility to today’s fast-paced markets and shifting reality
  • Every member of your organization feeling empowered to affect the change they need in order to fulfill their purpose and goals
  • Harnessing the power in the wisdom of the many without being bogged down in consensus or voting mechanisms