Organizing around the work and purpose, not the people

This simple but powerful process restructures your organization into roles instead of around people with job titles. Each role has a clear and distinct purpose and accountabilities that serve the purpose of the organization.



A new organizational structure that is clear, precise, and agile.



  • Conduct initial discussion with your leadership team to present the concept and answer any questions.
  • After the CEO breaks down the main company into its appropriate teams, we meet with each team lead to build out clear roles and accountabilities for the team members.
  • Once set, the proposed new structure is introduced to the entire organization.
  • Teams and individual team members offer feedback and are encouraged to consistently evolve each role and team.
  • Leadership coaching and development assists with the entire process.



Clarity of responsibility

Once the accountabilities are clearly defined, it becomes straight-forward and clear who is responsible for what. This relaxes your team into their work, gives them autonomy over their domains, and simplifies meetings and expectations.


Clarity of relationships and connections.

Accountabilities between roles capture the many different processes of workflow. There is no longer work that falls between job descriptions, allowing organizations to thrive under this kind of clarity.


Natural fluidity of power

Power is an essential part of people working together. We don’t try and avoid that, instead we clarify it and have it placed with roles not with people. This way power is contextual and fluid, shifting based on the conversation we’re having or work we’re doing.


Clearly seeing what is needed or missing

Organizing around the work helps your organization identify what is missing or what else you need from the greater team.


Ease of growth

You know exactly what your team needs at any given moment, so growing your team more precisely and effectively is simple. Onboard new staff quickly and immediately begin getting work done.


Truly agile structure

Having hundreds of clearly defined roles instead of larger job positions allows you and your team to make the necessary incremental adjustments, in order to continually optimize your organizational structure to best fulfil your purpose.