Rigorous, disciplined processes for meetings

We take the proven principles of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and apply them to a team. Teaching both the processes and the personal discipline of resolving one matter at a time and sequential productivity management for teams and individuals.



  • Clearer meetings with actionable outcomes and next steps
  • Truly data-driven decision making and analysis for each team
  • Stronger feedback and evaluation mechanisms for teams and individuals
  • More work getting done as a result



  • Facilitate tactical meetings for each team for 8 weeks
  • Conduct trainings on facilitation skills and prepare your team to lead their own team meetings
  • Coach all team members on how to get the most out of this powerful system


  • Notable and measurable increases in productivity on an individual and team level
  • More precise and actionable feedback mechanisms to help each team and individual develop their skills and meet their goals No more “death by meeting”
  • Clear metrics and goals help the leadership steer their teams towards desired outcomes, measured successes, and clearly defined goals