Our mission at Living Orgs is to transform companies into purpose driven teams that are ready to realize their full potential, and in turn create organizational change

We provide the tools, leadership development, emotional intelligence training, and facilitation necessary for clearer purpose and role alignment, rigorous and effective processes for getting work done, and a revolutionary method of distributed management called Holacracy®.

Our Method


This video should give you a good overview of our approach and our implementation philosophy


Organizations are simply a group of people coming together around a single purpose. We work to strengthen everyone's relationship with the organization's purpose, and then clarify and optimize the way people get work done together. Both these axes combined create stronger, more aligned, and more productive teams.

Finding synergy between the greater ideas of emotional intelligence and the principles of Holacracy®; we've broken down transforming organizations into five essential modules.

Incremental Implementation

We've broken down our services into modules and offer them separately and incrementally so that you can utilize this system in a customized and optimized way for your team.

Organization Transformation

We combine a background in Holacracy implementations which over 11 years of emotional intelligence facilitation and coaching expertise. So that you're not just adopting a new system, but transforming your organization from the inside out.

Empathetic Design

Our experience, both as clients and as coaches gives us a unique edge in working with you. We understand the joys and pains personally, and know what it takes to successfully shift an organization towards self-management.



Each one of these modules provides immense value and growth to your team. However, we understand that each organization is unique, and the solutions we provide are customized and tailored to meet your specific goals and potential. Our decades of experience in facilitation and leadership development allow us to provide expert coaching to support you team in getting the most out of this customized, organizational transformation.


We've designed a unique and modular implementation strategy, born out of our experience as clients and coaches, that we customize based on your organization's values and needs. We are the only Holacracy coaches that provides this methodology. We encourage you to ask us and find out more about why this should better suite your needs and serve your team.