Rashid Gilanpour


The big dream I nurture daily is to witness a change in the norm, where individuals, and groups have more consistent access to expand towards self-actualization. Whatever that looks like for you and your group, I take it to heart as my touchstone of purpose, to work on lighting the pathways to this new world.

I’ve dedicated my life to being curious and seeking the most powerful levers for impacting positive systemic change. As a pivoter, I’ve thrived and survived in a diversity of professional and more experimental experiences, but always putting my dreams into action.

I’ve come to recognize what many of us have recognized: we stand at an unprecedented moment in human history. Organizations have evolved to become the most powerful entities on the planet, where 3.5 billion of us spend most of our lives. It's becoming apparent that the models through which most organizations have evolved, no longer work as well with the velocity and connectedness of the modern global economy.

I became fascinated by organizational dynamics when I realized that transforming and evolving the workplace has the power to not only give rise to more responsible global corporations but to also leverage positive change in the everyday lives of generations of people the world over.

Now, I help in the work of guiding change-seeking leaders to install an ascending evolutionary process into the core of how their enterprise functions day-to-day. While every organization is its own animal, the science, and art of self-organization rests on implementing a set of shared practices and principles that balance individual agency and efficient group dynamics.

There’s no denying that collective evolution is also a personal process. How we spend our day is, in the end, how we spend our life, and in turn, what we will become. With stakes like this, we can’t afford not to spend our lives showing up as our whole selves, pursuing meaning and purpose, individually and together.