Vanessa Pierce, Head of HR at Citizen Engagement Laboratory

“Karim has been an inspiring coach and a deft guide in helping transition our organization into practicing Holacracy. His gentle but strong coaching, deep listening, and profound understanding of Holacracy has played a pivotal role in helping our organization learn how to navigate an entirely new organizational operating system. He has also provided deeply meaningful coaching for our team on bringing compassionate communication and conflict resolution into our daily work.

Working with Karim has rekindled in me an excitement about creating a workplace where we can bring our whole selves into the work that we do. He brings such a phenomenal grounding energy to all of our meetings and trainings, and leads with humor, compassion and understanding. He also has an incisive ability to cut to the heart of the situation; his example inspires me to bring my best and whole self into the work I do every day. Karim is a trusted partner, and inspiring mentor -- both to myself and to our organization."