10 reasons you should work with living orgs

We recognize that there are many different organizational systems and that within Holacracy, there are different providers to choose from.  It’s very difficult to know which provider to go on this important journey with so we’d like to clarify here some of the ways Living Orgs stands apart from other providers.

We do not believe in spreading Holacracy for Holacracy’s sake.  Holacracy is a tool, a social technology that can afford tremendous efficiency, transparency, purpose, engagement, and fairness to your organization.  Hence we base our implementations on your organization’s specific needs and track the implementation accurately using data.

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1. Data driven implementation:

We complete a culture and process audit before launch, and then periodically perform the same audit and review it with your leadership team so that you can make grounded, data-driven decisions about how Holacracy may be serving or not serving your organization.  And then we can adjust the implementation accordingly if need be.

2. modular & phased Implementation:

Click here to learn more about our implementation process

Click here to learn more about our implementation process

We exclusively offer the phased implementation (organizing around the work, tactical, then governance) for many reasons:

  1. The implementation feels less like a culture hostile take-over, and historically we’ve had little to no turnover (mostly no turnover) because of our Holacracy implementations
  2. The modular approach allows your people to learn the skills they need to wield their new-found power.  Power without skill and awareness is chaotic and potentially harmful.
  3. We reduce overwhelm and allow your team to focus on tactical skills first before moving to governance.  This improves people’s adoption and metabolization of these skills.  You don’t try and learn to walk on a rope and juggle at the same time, you do them sequentially.
  4. We give you the choice, at the end of the tactical module, whether or not you’d like to move on to distributed governance.  No matter how well informed you are now you don’t know now what you’ll know 2 months into the implementation.  You’ll make a much more informed, grounded decision then.

The initial building of your organization into the new structure is a lot less painful and more robust.  When you’re running governance meetings from day one, especially before your team learns how to practice governance well, using them to build out every role and circle can be an exhausting and painful process, and Holacracy fatigue settles in before people even use the system fully.  We avoid that.

For more details check out 18:18 in this video.

Learn more about GTD

Learn more about GTD

3. GTD and Asana:

The Holacracy constitution asks that each partner have their own system for managing work that they can make available to other partners at their request.

We found that this is rarely followed well in most organizations, so what we do is we teach GTD alongside Holacracy for your entire team, and we combine Holacracy tactical with GTD all in one place: Asana.

This way you’re getting organizational as well as personal efficiency and integrity in work, and it’s all captured in one tool.

For more details check out this overview:


More on the Kung Fu of Holacracy

More on the Kung Fu of Holacracy

4. Kung Fu of Holacracy:

We offer the practice, or Kung Fu, of Holacracy in four distinct modules.  Each with content, practice information, and then survey data to be collected.  This way we ensure that the practice of Holacracy is being metabolized by your organization and that the system will be supported to succeed and grow.

Check out the Kung Fu of Holacracy videos for more inspiration on the nuance of practicing Holacracy®.

Go To resources folder

Go To resources folder

5. Access to Exclusive Online Resources:

We offer exclusive, permanent access to over 15 hours of instructional and workshop videos as well as a robust written online GTD and Holacracy guide.  This way you can always go back and re-learn any of the content as well as have a clear way of onboarding new staff to Holacracy in your organization.

More on EQ

More on EQ

6. Emotional Intelligence Training:

Karim is trained as a counselor and facilitator.  Holacracy, as a system, can unearth a lot of the strengths, but also the dysfunctions in your team.  Without the coach and facilitators being knowledgeable and trained in conflict resolution and emotional intelligence work these dynamics go exposed but unresolved.

We bring these years of experience in emotional intelligence work to bear in every tactical and governance meeting that we have, as well as offer unique, customized workshops to your and your team based on the findings of the implementation and the audit.

7. Holacracy Engagement Circle and Early Independence: 

We create, early on, a Holacracy Engagement circle that will have roles designed by us specifically to:

  1. Create buy-in and support from your staff early on
  2. Create a culture point of reference for your organization, and Holacracy champions that will hold it
  3. Ensure early independence from external coaching, and a smooth transition once the coach disengages
  4. Empower your staff to feel ownership of the process and the system
  5. Ensure that onboarding new staff in the future is easy and straight forward

8. Expert Facilitation training: 

Good facilitation will make all the difference in your implementation of Holacracy.  Karim is trained in a variety of facilitation modalities that he brings to bear onto his facilitator trainings in Holacracy.

Your facilitators will learn how to manage power in the room, use their own intuition and sense to guide the meeting, and use people's tensions and momentum to serve the meeting outcomes best.

Your team will go through hours of simulated meeting facilitation that will be recorded and shared for future facilitator training.

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    9. Executive coaching and Lead link training: 

    Even though Lead Links are not managers, they're still a pivotal link in the Holacracy ecosystem and one that requires attention and support.

    Your Lead Links will get expert executive coaching and will learn to:

    1. Wield the specific powers of the Lead Link clearly and cleanly
    2. Give clear and relevant feedback on people's performance and role fit
    3. Use metrics and data to guide their teams towards unified goals and assess success
    4. Use strategy specifically to guide the decision-making abilities and prioritization of their team
    5. Identify and assess the best fit for each role

    10. mindfulness in your work and organization: 

    Karim is a mindfulness practitioner and believes strongly that our practice of presence and moment to moment mindfulness should not be separate from our work

    With Living Orgs you will learn how to:

    1. Use mindfulness practice to inform how you make decisions
    2. Gain a deeper understanding of how and why you and your team behave in certain ways
    3. Bring the benefits of consistent, daily practice through GTD into your work
    4. Use self-awareness to get better at feedback, conflict resolution, stress management, and decision making